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Indexing of files on the site, which appear more often in searches. Let me start with the fact that many of you have seen in Google search results a link that leads to a particular file. Various kinds of instructions, contracts and much more that are indexed files located on the site.

What types of files are best seen by the Google search engine. Based on my own observations, this is probably a PDF, but if you load such a format, you need to remember that the text information in it should be normal and not in the image. Many modern scanner programs can immediately convert into it, but this is just an image in PDF format.

The next type of file is Microsoft Office, most often Word or Excel. Tables and formatted text files are also included in the search engine index. I also came across formats of alternative free office programs.

Of course, there are other file formats included in the search index. Above I described the main ones we h ... Read more »

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How to make news get views and get indexed. For those who maintain a news or blog module in their content management system, the topic is very relevant. Which deserves a separate story.

Let's start with the topic of your resource. Many people have now rushed to rewrite and write short stories in the GPT chat and Google Bard. At the same time, you need to understand one small thing: if a clearly and beautifully written text was written by a robot, another will understand that it was also written by a machine. It is human nature to make mistakes, put punctuation marks incorrectly, and add emoticons in every paragraph. 

This is how I personally do it so that my next post ends up almost immediately in the search engine. First and foremost, add a link to and post to all your social networks. A separate addition to Google my business, namely in the company news with a link to the site. A similar action should be done on ... Read more »

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Why is it worth doing cross-linking on a website? Quite a lot has been written about this on the Internet, I’ll add a few words of my own. I recently wrote about links  and there is an example in this post of linking. 

Why do relinking? First of all, for visitors to your resource, there is a semantic connection between the articles. So that the user does not immediately run away from the site, that is, to interest him in clicking on the link. There is a lot of debate about how the latter should open, in a new tab or not. It all depends on the situation, the external one is definitely in the new one, if the link is internal according to the situation. 

For search engines, linking is an additional improvement in the indexing of your resource. In simple terms, the more chaos there is in the sitemap, the more interesting you are to Google.

What does linking give:

Increases relevance; the link mass ... Read more »

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To be honest, this is not the first time I have encountered the dishonest work of my fellow site builders. Literally not long ago I was talking with a very old friend and decided to again tell in detail what questions should be asked to the person who will create and maintain the resource.

The first and most important domain. Nowadays even a teenager can easily create it, we register it in our name. The master needs to set up a connection with the hosting, no problem, we give him separate access, he did everything and closed it. Domain name is the most valuable!

Choose hosting depending on the load of the resource; it is cheap and will take a long time to load. What did you think, on one IP, for example, 300-500 sites, you filled out the pages to the maximum, added photos, the Masters do not explain that for a couple of dollars a month your resource on WordPress with such a hoster will slow down. Look for reviews, there are plenty of them.< ... Read more »

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