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Many young website creators, as they fill them up, are faced with the issue of quality search on their resources. Those that are built into the content management system do not always give the desired result. And therefore, the best alternative is Google’s software search, previously called user search.

Creating your own search is very simple, it is more difficult to install it in the right place for this. Search on the site must be convenient and quick to enter; when a person cannot find it, it is more likely that he will leave the resource. The search method should be in a new tab, Google by default offers an overlay, that is, a pop-up window. Visitors are not always delighted with this, although the mobile version seems to be convenient. And on the computer it is sometimes blocked by third-party applications.

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How can I get Google to index my site faster? This question is probably the most pressing for those who have just created their own resource and want it to be visible in search results as quickly as possible. Let's start with what affects indexing. The two main files are robots.txt and sitemap.xml, the first tells what the search robot can and cannot do, the second is a site map that shows what links are on the site for viewing and indexing by Google.

What actually happens is that the search engine always puts the site in a queue for indexing, since there are a lot of resources and cannot scan everything at once. But Google has a good thing in webmaster tools , URL checking. In simple words, you can take links from your site and add them manually. Moreover, it is recommended to add all sitemap files; some content management systems have several of them. ... Read more »

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Several sites for different services or products. It's no secret that in business on the Internet, the winner is the one with the right approach to promotion. And many small companies create several resources in order to sell more and advertise less.

Let's figure out how to do it correctly so that you can be found well in search results. If you are creating a second or third website, make sure that the contact information, namely phone and email, are different. From personal experience, there was a case when a resource was not indexed at all, after replacing the above, everything fell into place. For mega companies, the solution is simple, they have the concept of a branch, and something similar is present in the Google My Business settings.

They ask me about addresses, my personal opinion is that they should be different. Although it is not essential, an office building can house 100 companies. 

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Frequent mistakes made by experts when creating a website. Sometimes I make mistakes myself and remember how I once started. I would like to say about what I encounter even on good resources. Sometimes the content is interesting but little things irritate you.

Let's start with a search, sometimes I go to the site, there is a lot of information and what to do here. Then the search is placed at the bottom, as for me it is not always convenient. And not everyone scrolls to the bottom of the page. The best solution is the top position, or with a scrolling menu, a field with a magnifying glass that is always before your eyes.

Opening links, the question seems to be very simple. But not everyone does this in a new tab; by sharing a page on a social network or going to your social network page, the user is required to stay on the site and open a new tab. But if the link is, for example, at the end of an article with a transition to your other ... Read more »

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