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What does it take to create a good website?

Choose and buy your website domain.

Buy hosting for the website. That's the place on the server where the folders and files of your resource will be stored. The price of hosting is $6 per month, when buying for a year -20% discount, for two years -30%. The size of the hosting for the website will be 2.5 gigabytes. You can buy your domain from any registrar, parking is free.

Next, choose a template if you need to redesign the design for you. There are both paid and free layouts. When choosing a template, it is important that it is responsive for all devices, although you can have a second mobile version of the site, it's free. Approve colors, fonts and their sizes, images, sliders and other points on your site. When adding a photo to the site, a watermark is automatically placed. You can also overlay a prepared transparent image.

To form the structure of the site, or, more simply, its pages, is to make sure each of them has information because empty pages of the site are very bad for the search engine index.

Some people ask me: "but what is the purpose of а forum if there's social networks?" The forum is needed for narrow-profile communities, there are still a lot of forums on the network that work great, and most importantly, they are perfectly indexed by their topics. The main thing is that the forum should be active and it must be maintained, and at first even guests should be allowed to write, without registration. That is answer to your own posts so that others can ask in the future.

What to do with the videos when there is a lot of them for the site? A common question, videos weigh well, I agree, the answer is simple, create a YouTube channel and upload it there. After that, the link or code of the video is pulled to the website.

Is it possible to password protect or hide something so that others do not see it? Yes, this is provided for in the system but you need to understand that the password can be accidentally peeped by someone or can be stolen because of any other accident. In this case, viewing certain pages is normally allowed for certain group of users. For example, guests can see the category, but cannot enter until they are verified. That is to say you assign the rank yourself, after seeing the profile.

Website pages can be either static or dynamic. For example, the page about the website is static but the news is dynamic. Adding any information (text, photo) can be easily done by pressing a few buttons directly from the browser. No knowledge of a programmer in the administrative panel is required; You can also manage your resource from your mobile, namely, respond to comments and add materials.

The title of the site is the very first thing your resource is searched for. Company name, products, services, location. By the way, you can look at popular queries in Google Trends and draw a conclusion for your future site.

Do you need to understand for yourself what you want from a resource in the search? The maximum length of the title with spaces and commas is about 100 characters. You can count characters using Notepad++. 

Description of the website, simply and concisely describe in phrases what you do.  The maximum length with spaces and commas is 300 characters. By type of header, the description also automatically changes depending on the site module, and to each static page. It must be remembered that the words in the titles and descriptions must be present on your resource.

I would also like to say a separate word about micro-markup, which has a very good effect on search results. But before adding it to the site, you need to have a profile of several social networks, Facebook and Twitter. If you are a company, then the FB page is necessarily a business page, not to be confused with a group.

What will you get after creating a site?

An automatically generated sitemap.xml sitemap, which is very good for searching, if a forum or a store is additionally separate for them, and you can correct robots.txt file. All notifications go to your e-mail about what is happening on the website. Easily add materials, news, photos, reviews, questions and more. Comments from other users who enter the website through their social network.

It is also possible for users to be purely yours and registered, this is also called "local". All website material is pre-moderated, that is displayed for everyone (activate or delete) after viewing by the owner or administrator. Initially, you can set the rights for guests, users and other groups. Convenient own statistics system, password protect and many other things. All titles and descriptions of your website are written into tags automatically, both articles and new static pages. Microformat also does this automatically.

What do you need or how is the website progressing?

After the website is filled with the main content (static pages), you need to add something unique in the form of texts and pictures to the dynamic modules (blog, news). Also, such modules have an RSS feed through which readers of your resource can subscribe. Ask and answer questions within the website, write reviews, add photos with a good description. If you have an online store, then the description of the goods should be done as best and as much as possible.

Create webmaster cabinets in well-known search engines like Google, Bing and add a website there. Add Google Analytics statistics codes to every page of the website and install Google custom search engine. If your website will be not large in content, this is not necessary.

Create pages on social networks for the company so that news feeds are automatically posted from the site. Invite and subscribe to these pages of your friends from social networks. You can also display page feeds from twitter and facebook on the resource.

Add your company and website to Google Maps (Google My Business) and as well to well-known indexed directories. Ask your friends to write good reviews there. Create a YouTube channel after confirming the company on the map, and link the site to it.