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Tricks and tricks of creating a site, which are not talked about a lot

Tricks and tricks of creating a site, as few masters who work with it talk about it. I have not written about the creation and promotion of resources for a long time, but something inspired the mood for the weekend. Let's start with the basics, you must register your first domain name for yourself, period. The maximum the webmaster can ask for is to change the NS servers for the site and something else that is not complicated, which you can do yourself. Why is this needed? Yes, everything is simple, so that later it is not manipulated, because the domain costs more than hosting, especially if it's old.

Promotion, to be honest, I'm a little fed up with writing about it. Today, many CMS systems have modules and fields for adding titles and descriptions. And almost any master can add a site to a search engine. The question is whether he wants to do it, and what legends he tells after the creation of the site.

Viruses on sites, here the origin of the latter is very peculiar. There are several ways to get them to the site, that is, hosting. No, I do not argue that the owner himself can download it from a littered computer. But more often this is a way to neutralize the parasite, and pass it off as a heroic feat of an IT specialist, with a subsequent reward. By the way, the servers themselves where the sites are stored mostly work on Linux, and it is not so easy to drive the virus there.

And about the phrase support, loved by all. If you have everything paid for, domain, hosting, SSL and nothing changes on the site after creation, think about it. Support is the monthly work of the master on the resource that the customer sees, and under the contract is calculated with the contractor.

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