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How to make a website to be visited? Yes, such a question is probably the first one for a client who needs to create a resource on the Internet. Where to start so as not to be afraid in the future that the pages will not bring visitors.

The first and most important topic, if more often it is a business, then the choice of the site title. As we know, you can write a little more than 100 characters there. It is important for you to be by the name of the company, then we write, if you are young as a company, you can indicate the type of activity. Once again, you can see popular queries in Google Trends.

Next, you need to create a description, that's the description tag. There is certainly a lot of controversy among professionals, but are they needed at all? Since with the correct sitemap and robots file, Google will find everything and give it out. Conservatively, I personally make popular phrases with a total size of up to 300 characters, this is with spaces a ... Read more »

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How to post information on the site? What do you want to say? Yes, about the fact that sometimes you go to a resource and you can’t normally and quickly find, for example, a phone number.

What should be in the sites now, the first and most important thing is "adaptability". There are also pages that we increase with tweaks in the smartphone, agree that this is wrong. Moreover, it repels potential customers for goods and services. The next thing is site menu, in many modern templates, it moves along with scrolling down, so that it is easy for the user to navigate. The top of the page button is a required attribute of the site, especially when the page is large. Adding an interesting article to social networks because here not everyone knows how to copy the link and paste it. And so I saw a like finger, pressed it, chose a social network, added one, two, three.

It is worth paying attention to instant messengers, as many have them. They arrange it a ... Read more »

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Sites on simple constructors, what is good and what is bad. Whoever wants an honest conclusion about designers, I advise you to read on the Internet. Yes, of course, in the reviews in the first place for many WordPress, but it is written in different ways.

Let's start with the fact that lightweight site builders like wix or relatively simple ones like tilda are designed for people who don't understand what html code is, css style. The principle is simple in them, I came, I saw, I chose, I paid, I chose a template, I copied a little and pasted, and you have a ready-made website or store. By the way, uKit gives two weeks of free testing, which many people use when creating temporary landing pages. Who needs a permanent store on the ball, I advise you to read my recent article.

I agree that this is all cool and fast in terms of speed, but if there is no further reserve of the advertising budget, then it makes sense to do this as well as to have it as a business ... Read more »

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Why private business is not always visible on the Internet? The first answer I hear is, why do I need a website? I already have enough work. And I agree and no, saying that if you are not on the Internet means you are not in business. In the future, there will be two types of companies on the market: those who are on the Internet and those who have gone out of business, the words of Bill Gates.

The situation in Ukraine is such that some entrepreneurs, in view of their knowledge of the computer business, and they are minimal, do not want to delve into the intricacies of finding their company. Yes, word of mouth is great and it bears fruit in finding new real customers and consumers in the field of services and goods. It’s the 21st century outside, and not everyone wants to drive through the whole big city in traffic jams to a friend, time is priceless. That's when typing a query in Google and seeing a point on the map, which is located several blocks away, convenien ... Read more »

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