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How to track the creation of a site and why the truth is hidden

How to track the creation of the site and why the truth is hidden. Just a recent call prompted me to write this note. Yees, not many will read it, and if they see it, then after the site has been handed over to the customer.

What should you pay attention to from the beginning of the resource creation?

On the popularity of the topic, Google trend is a very indispensable thing. An example of what we do are graphs that show a high degree of search.

The domain is often bought by the owner himself, here it is worth thinking about how the visitor will remember it.

Site management system. Here, you need to understand who will fill it, since knowledge in working with similar matters. Well-known systems are one thing, more complex and self-written ones are another. I forgot to say about hosting, for example, Wordpress eats server resources quite well. In the world, the accepted practice is that the price per month of hosting is from $ 5, and a normal person understands how much per year. Brakes in work will be especially if the site is not a business card, but something more serious like an online store. A good hoster lays out the parameters of his hardware.

Well, with the above described, we have decided, now about the initial configuration of the resource. All titles and descriptions need to be thought out initially. I often come across the fact that the owners do not have them, or they are too long or short. Yes, you can complain about the fact that the master made the site, but not promotion. But it is necessary to penetrate at least a little initially.

Probably the most of questions are about promotion. What I recommend is the first and most important thing to do is GMB, a point on a Google map. In addition, YouTube and Blogger tools. Well, do not forget to write unique texts on the site.

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