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Creation and promotion of the site from $ 500

After creation, the customer easily adds information to his site - texts, photos, videos and more. The price includes a standard design from a template (the number of which is more than 500 pieces) with additional minor changes, adding a site to all known search engines, setting your company's location on Google maps.

Automatic addition of materials (cross-posting) to them from your site.

Creating pages on social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, paid separately.

Installation of personal search from Google , a code to analyze visits to your site Google Analytics.

Creation of a presentation short video for the company with further placement on the YouTube service, paid separately.

What pages of the site can you have?

For example, the main page (aka news), contacts (with a feedback email form), photos (with different viewing options and watermark protection), articles, files, blog, reviews, announcements, questions, polls. As well as separate static pages. Huge selection of work with users. Complete statistics for your site. You will get E-mail notifications about everything that is happening on your site.

If desired, guests of your site will comment on something through their social networks, and you will be notified about this event.

If you are interested in an online store, with a separate payment (the number of products is unlimited).

Remote assistance via the Internet from $ 20 per hour.

What should be the person who is provided with such a service?

Two main things, a computer connected to a normal high-speed Internet and a program for remote assistance. Among the popular software for such settings are: Teamviewer, Ammyy Admin and AnyDesk.

How does the remote assistance process work?

On the client side, a program is launched, I have a similar one, the customer says his ID and password, I connect and do all the necessary equipment settings. Simply put, the customer sees on his screen everything that I do, as I manage everything from his desktop.

How important is the speed of the Internet connection and the power of the computer?

The main thing is that it should be stable. In principle, with a good provider, 10 megabits is enough. The computer should not be very old, and most importantly not littered.

For regular customers we have a flexible system of discounts and bonuses!