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Forgetful customers or how to make them remember websites

Forgetful customers or how to make them remember sites. From time to time I check the sites of customers for work, or rather, whether it opens at all. Why? Well, sometimes they don’t see a notification in the mail that the domain needs to be renewed or paid for. Usually, after it has not been paid, and a month has passed, you can forget about it, but a domain that is 5-10 years old has value. Even if the site itself is filled, that is, hosting is less valuable then making a backup copy is an order of magnitude easier than thinking about how to return the domain.

How do I register a domain with a client? First of all, I choose the email that is in his smartphone, so that he can always see the notification. We tie up a mobile number to be able to recover the password and login. Well, once a month, just in case, I go over the websites of customers, there are enough phenomena)

Sometimes when hosting doesn't work, clients think about a non-renewed domain. In this case, there is a good site that shows a lot of useful information when the domain started and when it ends, or is renewed. We just write in the line what we want to check.

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