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Sites on simple constructors, what is good and what is bad

Sites on simple constructors, what is good and what is bad. Whoever wants an honest conclusion about designers, I advise you to read on the Internet. Yes, of course, in the reviews in the first place for many WordPress, but it is written in different ways.

Let's start with the fact that lightweight site builders like wix or relatively simple ones like tilda are designed for people who don't understand what html code is, css style. The principle is simple in them, I came, I saw, I chose, I paid, I chose a template, I copied a little and pasted, and you have a ready-made website or store. By the way, uKit gives two weeks of free testing, which many people use when creating temporary landing pages. Who needs a permanent store on the ball, I advise you to read my recent article.

I agree that this is all cool and fast in terms of speed, but if there is no further reserve of the advertising budget, then it makes sense to do this as well as to have it as a business card, for those who want to find you on the exact request. There are a lot of resources on free systems that are created by people for the sake of pampering a dash of interest, and almost immediately forgotten.

If we are talking about a serious project where they want to post news modules, a photo gallery, polls and questions, the ability to comment is everything. That's when you need a full-fledged system with the ability to flattery in the code. Change and supplement, so that over time it is normally indexed, and most importantly, it is in the search results. Ucoz, WordPress, Opencart are no longer for blondes, here you need minimal knowledge of the webmaster, since without them the creation of the site will be zero.

Conclusion, a site for advertising can be made on a simple accessible constructor, but a more serious resource for promotion is created by diving into the engine code. A project with the development of even your own!

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