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Why private business is not always visible on the Internet

Why private business is not always visible on the Internet? The first answer I hear is, why do I need a website? I already have enough work. And I agree and no, saying that if you are not on the Internet means you are not in business. In the future, there will be two types of companies on the market: those who are on the Internet and those who have gone out of business, the words of Bill Gates.

The situation in Ukraine is such that some entrepreneurs, in view of their knowledge of the computer business, and they are minimal, do not want to delve into the intricacies of finding their company. Yes, word of mouth is great and it bears fruit in finding new real customers and consumers in the field of services and goods. It’s the 21st century outside, and not everyone wants to drive through the whole big city in traffic jams to a friend, time is priceless. That's when typing a query in Google and seeing a point on the map, which is located several blocks away, convenient and nearby. Again, you can read reviews right on the map about how the nearest company provides services or sells goods. And if it's in doubt, choose another.

It is very difficult to explain to an entrepreneur who does not want to be on the Internet the main and simple truth. If you are overwhelmed with work, analyze it, but you can take clients who will be profitable at times, it’s just not necessary to grab "everything". There are examples of companies that earn only on the fact that they are intermediaries, even now. They have made good resources that allow them to find a sea of ​​​​clients, and they themselves distribute the work among the lone masters who pay them a percentage for giving the job. This is very common in the appliance repair industry. And as time passes, the master thinks how to be on the map himself and have his own resource, he doesn’t want to give a percentage.

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