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Indexing files on the website, which ones appear more often in searches

Indexing of files on the site, which appear more often in searches. Let me start with the fact that many of you have seen in Google search results a link that leads to a particular file. Various kinds of instructions, contracts and much more that are indexed files located on the site.

What types of files are best seen by the Google search engine. Based on my own observations, this is probably a PDF, but if you load such a format, you need to remember that the text information in it should be normal and not in the image. Many modern scanner programs can immediately convert into it, but this is just an image in PDF format.

The next type of file is Microsoft Office, most often Word or Excel. Tables and formatted text files are also included in the search engine index. I also came across formats of alternative free office programs.

Of course, there are other file formats included in the search index. Above I described the main ones we have to deal with. If we talk about the most accessible ones, then these are txt and xml. It is in these formats that the principle of site scanning, the command to robots and the resource map are laid down.

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