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Website on pause, what can happen to a resource in search

The site is paused, what could happen to the resource in the search. Now I would like to say not about shutting down the site, but about what will happen if sometimes you don’t have interesting content to fill. We are talking about those who add information to dynamic modules almost every day. Although changing static pages is sometimes also extremely useful.

Agree that only news platforms can afford to add more than one article every day. This also includes bulletin boards, where users fill in a similar amount of information per day. But for an ordinary resource one can say that this is difficult, especially since the topics are not always expanded. Therefore, it is not easy to post every day. Even with my own services, of which there are many, it’s already difficult to write something interesting after 10 years; sometimes I delete them and even rewrite them with a new date, as this contributes to better indexing.

A striking example of resource filling are my friends from the USA, namely a plumbing company from the suburbs of Chicago. They add new information to the blog and news every day. There are excellent results in six months and I, in turn, recommend so that they take breaks. Since the site is new and the frequency of indexing by search engines, whatever one may say, is still not complete. From my own experience, this happens approximately when the domain is about a year old.

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