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Are you a business owner in the USA and you need a working website?

In fact, for any part of the world, you can create a resource that will actively work, bringing a decent result. A minimum of effort is required from you, change text and images to fill the site with unique information. What would probably make your site the best and it would be shown in the first line of the search. Read more...

Website builders with artificial intelligence already exist. Each of them has their own use of AI there, or rather in different aspects. Recently, out of curiosity, I tried to create a resource on a similar service, smiled and turned it off. Websites made by artificial intelligence, do they have a future?

I think the AI ​​itself will not be able to create a beautiful landing page without the help of a developer. Or a little more, but they will ask a lot of questions during creation. It is worth noting that AI has learned to generate images, videos and write texts quite well. But the uniqueness of the latter is in question, that is, you need to rewrite and add it by hand.

There is already more than one service that helps determine who did the work, a person or artificial intelligence. Soon the creation of websites will also be visible. Or it already exists and there was no need to check it yet :) 

Website builders with arti ... Read more »

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How the site logo should be made and where it should be placed. Let's start with the main thing, from my own observations I realized that the file must be logo.png and is located in the root of the site. Its size should not exceed 500 pixels in width and height. Moreover, important images other than the logo may be in the root folder, although there are no recommendations for this from Google. The alt tag should also be included for better search results.

It is advisable to create a site icon  from your logo or an approximate one for visual presentation . In this case, the visitor will have a better perception and understanding. A logo, like a favicon, cannot have a large palette of colors, a few and no more, but it is better that you have it in vector form initially. 

Background transparency for logo.png file? A common question is, here you need to see the images themselves, sometimes, as they say, there should ... Read more »

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How to set up a new phone on Android? Volumes have been written about this, but at the request of one friend I decided to tell you a little about it.

It doesn’t matter what brand or what parameters. You checked that it started, entered your email and password. You've recovered, but it doesn't work the way you want. First, you need to go to phone updates and download the latest firmware. Often this is precisely the problem; we must overload the smartphone or it will do it itself.

Then we go to the playmarket , sometimes the latter wants to be updated, and we do this first. Your applications that were on your old phone should load again. But this does not always happen, it also depends on how you set up the backup. And from the device itself, the difference in brands also matters, I have noticed more than once. 

For the sake of advertising, manufacturers cram games and unnecessary applications. They take u ... Read more »

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The site is paused, what could happen to the resource in the search. Now I would like to say not about shutting down the site, but about what will happen if sometimes you don’t have interesting content to fill. We are talking about those who add information to dynamic modules almost every day. Although changing static pages is sometimes also extremely useful.

Agree that only news platforms can afford to add more than one article every day. This also includes bulletin boards, where users fill in a similar amount of information per day. But for an ordinary resource one can say that this is difficult, especially since the topics are not always expanded. Therefore, it is not easy to post every day. Even with my own services, of which there are many, it’s already difficult to write something interesting after 10 years; sometimes I delete them and even rewrite them with a new date, as this contributes to better indexing.

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