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Are you a business owner in the USA and you need a working website?

In fact, for any part of the world, you can create a resource that will actively work, bringing a decent result. A minimum of effort is required from you, change text and images to fill the site with unique information. What would probably make your site the best and it would be shown in the first line of the search. Read more...

Google is my business, what is worth paying attention to, this is the question my clients and new people ask me. To be honest, many people think so, I have a point on the map, I initially filled it out and the reviews that visitors write are enough for me. The minimum may be correct, but Google itself changes the possibilities there from time to time. The last one is adding social network profiles. Here it is worth noting that it is better to put popular ones first (which will be higher), for example, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok. 

Adding photos is the easiest thing, but many people don’t know that they can also add videos. In the same section as the images. Products and services are very significant things and cannot be disdained, as tightly as possible with photos, descriptions and prices. The ability to ask questions online is also included.

The news is in your profile, it’s worth remembering that the free site t ... Read more »

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Can social networks replace a website? I hear this question very often from people who have pages on social networks, but do not have their own resource. I can immediately answer simply, business cards can be very good for a website. But for a deployed resource, no, since dynamic site modules are very well indexed by search engines.

Let's start with the fact that the site must work correctly, that is, it must initially be normal for perception and correctly selected in terms of titles and descriptions. Further, new information in the form of texts, images and videos should appear on it at least sometimes, or better yet, if the latter is available. And social networks can provide good traffic to the resource. Which is absolutely logical, especially since such links are very significant.

There is an opinion that users of social networks are mainly young people, everything is ambiguous here. It depends on which network. If you think about ... Read more »

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Description tag on the site; some resources do not have one as such. Unlike the title tag, which must be the title of the page. I do a lot of poking around in the source codes of sites, and I noticed a trend in which they put micro markup and the description tag is completely missing.

Promotion experts have been arguing for a long time that Google itself takes what it needs from the text of the page and therefore description is optional. Others believe on the contrary that everything should be there. As for me, the description should have meaning, for example, if this is an article, then the description may look like a headline or the like. Now there are tools in various website builders that help you do all this automatically.

Static pages on resources can have their own title and description. There is a rule that says that the title is no more than 100 characters and the description is 300. Although even here there is a lot of a ... Read more »

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Website builders with artificial intelligence already exist. Each of them has their own use of AI there, or rather in different aspects. Recently, out of curiosity, I tried to create a resource on a similar service, smiled and turned it off. Websites made by artificial intelligence, do they have a future?

I think the AI ​​itself will not be able to create a beautiful landing page without the help of a developer. Or a little more, but they will ask a lot of questions during creation. It is worth noting that AI has learned to generate images, videos and write texts quite well. But the uniqueness of the latter is in question, that is, you need to rewrite and add it by hand.

There is already more than one service that helps determine who did the work, a person or artificial intelligence. Soon the creation of websites will also be visible. Or it already exists and there was no need to check it yet :) 

Website builders with arti ... Read more »

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