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How to set up a new phone on Android?

How to set up a new phone on Android? Volumes have been written about this, but at the request of one friend I decided to tell you a little about it.

It doesn’t matter what brand or what parameters. You checked that it started, entered your email and password. You've recovered, but it doesn't work the way you want. First, you need to go to phone updates and download the latest firmware. Often this is precisely the problem; we must overload the smartphone or it will do it itself.

Then we go to the playmarket , sometimes the latter wants to be updated, and we do this first. Your applications that were on your old phone should load again. But this does not always happen, it also depends on how you set up the backup. And from the device itself, the difference in brands also matters, I have noticed more than once. 

For the sake of advertising, manufacturers cram games and unnecessary applications. They take up space, review and delete. Download useful applications for work from the play market, see popularity, reviews and ratings. 

For tricky and rare applications, installation from a file is required; do such things very carefully, especially if you don’t understand much about it.

Don’t forget that, just like a computer, your Android phone needs to be restarted sometimes!

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