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9:15 AM
Remote assistance for setting up a computer

Now in the current situation, many people have left the country. And therefore, from time to time, acquaintances and clients request to remotely fix their computers. I communicate a lot with foreign friends, and I can say the following. The level of training of specialists there is lower, and if they are good, then the prices are correspondingly higher by an order of magnitude.

Of course, for those who know me for a long time, I help free of charge in quick cases. But sometimes you need to tinker not an hour, not two, but more to do everything as expected. Just yesterday, I spent two hours with a non-weak computer that was crammed with rubbish, without antivirus and an elementary temporary file garbage cleaner. Another interesting factor was that the dismissed employee put the teamviewer program into autoload. That is, he saw his computer remotely for a couple of months, and if he wanted, he could do something himself.

Owners in rich countries pay little attention to all this. Business is going on, there is profit, and what else is needed. The exception is the banking sector and the like, outsiders are not allowed into computers for remote assistance, and it is clear why.

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