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What factors influence the best site indexing? I will try to explain it as simply as possible to those who think why their resource is not located properly.

Content is key, without interesting content the search engine is not interested in re-indexing you. That is, the presence of a news module will be very useful. And if there are several of them, then even better, you can add the word dynamic here, for example, a photo section with good descriptions, and a video. The latter can be pulled from YouTube, which is very true, in view of the weight of the files. You can also add an RSS feed here; if used correctly, it bears fruit. And it is added as a link to indexing in the Google webmaster account.

Social networks are additionally used for fame and links to your site, of which I would like to highlight Facebook. But it’s worth considering that it’s important to run a business page or group. Well, Google's indexing of Facebook ... Read more »

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How to increase website traffic without spending money on advertising? Some people will say that you are funny; no matter what you say, you need to invest in a resource, especially if you are involved in sales. On the one hand I agree, on the other I don’t, and here’s why.

Topics of popular queries require investment, as the competition is quite high. But written unique content can do a lot. Some say that you can write here, everything that exists has been rewritten many times. A tip for the lazy, try making an article in artificial intelligence, and then correct and complete it. By the way, there are already services that can check whether a person wrote a note or a robot.

 If there are news modules, the RSS channel must be active, and it is very easy for your fans to subscribe through it .

Don’t be afraid of unpopular social networks, talk like who knows only for you and no further. The m ... Read more »

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Webmaster mistakes, or how they can help well because of this. Let me start with how this all happens: a young specialist copies text from another site. And forgetting to remove the formatting, he leaves links, or rather, the URL is hidden in the word and he simply did not see it.

Which resources are copied from, correctly from more advanced and well-known ones. And thereby helping them even more. Moreover, I once encountered the fact that they started stealing micro markup from one of my sites by going into the source code. This was during the period when all this, as they say, was born. Webmaster tools now clearly show who is linking to what. And then I was just monitoring requests and saw that someone else’s site, with a completely different topic, ... Read more »

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Alternative ways to promote a website. Let's start with the main way to advance, of course this is the unique content of your resource. And of course, links from well-known sites. which is a costly endeavor for many. 

... Read more »

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