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Copying text from another site to your own, or is it worth it? More often they ask who started or wants to fill their resource. The answer is simple, and it's even useful for a young site, but always at the bottom of your copied text there should be a visible link with a button or the inscription link to the source. Many top sites write at the bottom, although now it is less common, when copying the material, a link to us is required. Sometimes authors are protected by a script or plugin that blocks the right mouse button which you can open context menu with and in which there is something to copy. But this can be done without any problems by opening the original site or installing an extension in the browser. Newbies copy the entire text with formatting, which often includes links, thereby pleasing the copyright holders of the original site.

Of course, it is best to write your thoughts from yourself, but let's be honest, not everyone can write essays. Therefore ... Read more »

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There are a lot of questions from their future customers, and it's natural about the methods of promoting the site. There are no special secrets, especially since they have long been described on the Internet. The most important method is a unique text on the site. And now I am writing an ego for you. Of course, you need to correctly add the site to the search systems, and better yet, set up webmaster accounts. What is a news module without an RSS channel, especially since it can be added to resources for promotion. Social networks, of course, everyone understood that we were talking about cross-posting there of news. If you managed to create it on your site, everything will be fine. Advanced webmasters also make micro markup in the form of individual phone numbers, site descriptions and even star ratings when searching for materials in Google.
Everyone thinks that an online store is something, just the same site with the connection of payment systems and nothing ... Read more »

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Google is my business, which is not yet written on the Internet. Probably about almost everything, those who want to find information on how to work with GMB, which is Google My Business that can do it without any problems. And there are videos and good articles. The main desire is to sit down and devote time to this, if you don’t have it, companies have appeared that will do everything for you. From the beginning to confirmation, well, there are various subtleties. To be honest, it’s not difficult, the main thing is to be computer-savvy, and you don’t need abstruse knowledge for this.

Just recently, a well-known company from England published a complete guide to working with Google My Business. I would say so, it is written for people who have a minimal idea of ​​​​what can be done inside.

And once again, I want to repeat myself, because I wrote ab ... Read more »

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How to make a landing page cheaper, or who needs it. Everything that is possible and impossible has already been written about one-page sites. There are about 30 well-known platforms for their creation, and probably even more, who are interested in the Internet, there is almost everything on this topic. For those whom this topic is relevant for, it’s right for those who sell one or more things, and then make another one-pager and sell the next product. As for services, this of course also occurs, but in practice it's less common. Let's just say, an online store of a temporary type. Buy cheap, sell fast, this slogan is probably better applied to landing pages.

But back to the beginning, more often the person who creates the page is the seller himself, his knowledge is at best at the level of an advanced user. And therefore, the designer is chosen in a simpler way so that it is easy to do everything, that is the drag-and-drop method. Moreover, such services give ... Read more »

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