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What should be on the site for good indexing

What should be on the site for good indexing? An article for those who have a site and want to understand a little about it. First and foremost, adding a resource to google search-console and analytics. Also, the first can be associated with the other.

Before adding, check the work of two files, robots.txt, it is responsible for what can be indexed by search engines and what is not. Next, the sitemap.xml sitemap indicates what and where to be on your resource. From myself I will add that in a good content management system all this is done automatically, without unnecessary movements.

Besides that, what else is important? Of course micro-markup , which works very well. It can include ratings, company address with a logo, and much more. As for the logo, I advise you to make it in PNG format, upload it to the root of the site with a size of no more than 500 X 500 pixels, the file name should be logo.png! Two more features are required for the markup, from facebook and twitter. Of course, you must have profiles in these social networks, it is very easy to implement, there are plugins for different management systems. And for the hands of a sea of ​​​​helps;)

Google's custom search engine works very well and helps for sites with a lot of content.

Navigation chains are important. More often this is required for dynamic modules, such as news feeds. This is when the header has the correct passage through the links, for example, I have:

Home » Site creation » How to conduct a conversation with the future creator of your site

Main page - News category - News title.

It does not affect the search, but it is possible to make more site icons for the convenience of your visitors!

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