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How to make micro markup of a site for beginners and which tools are available for this

How to make micro markup of a site for beginners and what tools are available for this. Well, let's start with what is called Open Graph meta tags. If we don't go into too much detail, they are needed for social networks, the main ones are Facebook and Twitter. By the way, they have their own verification tools, Card validator and Developers facebook. You only need to insert a link that will show with the micromarkup.

To create the desired tags easily and simply, use the Open Graph online meta tag generator in advance.

What might be the difficulties for those who try it for the first time?

The type of page that is most often used is usually a site or an article. The site is static pages, articles are a blog, news, etc. The title and description can be copied from yours, which is correct. Or it can be written by hand.

For the page's image, it is better to use the logo.png type format, and for articles the one shown in it. We must remember, that the correct path to the images must be specified.

After copying the code of the tags that the generator will provide, it must be correctly inserted into the site. To the closing head tag! By the way, in good systems, you can configure the output of this markup and the like automatically, I wrote about this recently.

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