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How to conduct a conversation with the future creator of your site

How to conduct a conversation with the future creator of your site. I’m telling for those who want to create their resource correctly, so that later they don’t bite their elbows because you don’t have access and other things. 

They start from the domain, that is, the name of the site. Now, as they say, a child can stake it out and everything is very simple. In the search box, enter domain name registration. Register, several settings that your webmaster will give you can be registered without any problems yourself, more often this is a change in NS servers. And most importantly, that the domain over time is more expensive than working on the site! 

When the resource is ready, ask the master to make a backup copy and tell you why? In case of any inconsistencies with the site builder in the future, it can be deployed on another hosting. Of course, it is worth delving into what system the site is running on. More often it is something like wordpress, there is also a password for the database. 

Promotion should start with those words that are in demand, and not those that are imposed on you or you decide so. For more than a year now, the list of ratings in search queries has been available in google trend , you can enter your own and select even separately by city.

Writing articles, many now use a chat bot that can rewrite someone else's. Check uniqueness personally. There are plenty of scammers out there like this.

To see a picture of site indexing and errors, ask that you, as the owner, be added to Google's webmaster tools and analytics . To do this, it is enough to have a Gmail mail.

And the most important thing ! If you feel that at the initial stage something is not being told to you or everything is drawn too beautifully, think about it. 

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