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2:43 AM
Why you shouldn't disable a young site or close it from indexing

It sometimes happens that my customers ask me to close the site for a while or even turn it off. But let's figure out why this happens. Most often, after adding the site to search engines, installing micro-markup, adding to your bulletin boards. Writing the correct headings and other things in the form of a point on the map, the resource begins to be rapidly indexed, and then it is already there. And this is approximately 3-10 days.

At this point, something happens to the clients, like they can't handle the flow of requests, etc. So the site can be closed from visibility in search, this is an elementary correction of the robots.txt file. But for a resource that has little time, this is bad, the next event and checking for new content will take place late. In tools for working with the site from Google, you can apparently add the URL manually. But from experience it is not fast. It is better not to close the site from search engines, but just make a line that runs about what, you are very busy with work and cannot always answer.

The mistake of many is that you need to wait a long time for promotion, it all depends on the level of the master. The main skill is not only to make a website, but also to correctly explain all the subtleties and steps forward, which can be from one, two, and three.

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