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What to do when a symbol interferes with the site code

Novice webmasters are sometimes surprised that the code does not want to work. Although at first glance everything is done correctly. What could be the mistake, he recently overlooked and remembered, had fun and decided to write. For example, the apostrophe character ' is often used in the site code, it also occurs in the language. How to avoid making a mistake. When repeating the same, something will not be closed, which means it will not work correctly. Although in normal content management systems, the code editor does highlighting. 

All you need to do is find it  and paste the HTML code & # 3 9 ;  (spaces between the characters specifically so that it does not appear here) Another similar thing concerns the " double quote & # 3 4 ;   which is often found in the site code. And in the description tags to emphasize the main name, for example, the brand of the company is doing ! 

In addition, you can insert any symbol on the site, and there is a large selection of them. The only point is that each Internet browser is more complex, such as emoji, shows as it sees fit. But in principle, they are all very similar. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that some characters may not be displayed at all. And instead of a symbol, it will show an empty square. Check before launch!

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