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What questions should you ask the person who will create and maintain the website

To be honest, this is not the first time I have encountered the dishonest work of my fellow site builders. Literally not long ago I was talking with a very old friend and decided to again tell in detail what questions should be asked to the person who will create and maintain the resource.

The first and most important domain. Nowadays even a teenager can easily create it, we register it in our name. The master needs to set up a connection with the hosting, no problem, we give him separate access, he did everything and closed it. Domain name is the most valuable!

Choose hosting depending on the load of the resource; it is cheap and will take a long time to load. What did you think, on one IP, for example, 300-500 sites, you filled out the pages to the maximum, added photos, the Masters do not explain that for a couple of dollars a month your resource on WordPress with such a hoster will slow down. Look for reviews, there are plenty of them.

Filling and promotion. Check articles for uniqueness, now artificial intelligence can write, but think about the fact that others rushed there too. We will promote you! Here it’s worth delving into how this will happen, and what promoters can do for you besides advertising. Moreover, in a small competition, with the right headings and tags, you can quickly reach good positions in the search.

Social networks, or rather links from them, have a beneficial effect on the promotion situation, but always, like a domain, create pages yourself. And then give someone access, that is, appoint someone second after you.

How would I put it all briefly? The domain is only mine, hosting is not the cheapest and has good uptime , I check the content for uniqueness , we agree on all descriptions and headings, since sometimes no one looks for them on Google at all.

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