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Website promotion methods

There are a lot of questions from their future customers, and it's natural about the methods of promoting the site. There are no special secrets, especially since they have long been described on the Internet. The most important method is a unique text on the site. And now I am writing an ego for you. Of course, you need to correctly add the site to the search systems, and better yet, set up webmaster accounts. What is a news module without an RSS channel, especially since it can be added to resources for promotion. Social networks, of course, everyone understood that we were talking about cross-posting there of news. If you managed to create it on your site, everything will be fine. Advanced webmasters also make micro markup in the form of individual phone numbers, site descriptions and even star ratings when searching for materials in Google.
Everyone thinks that an online store is something, just the same site with the connection of payment systems and nothing more. In it, if there is no blog module, a unique description of goods or services is important. And if all together, it is an order of magnitude cooler. And the more text there is, the better, but do not forget that search engines react to approximately 70,000 characters, there is no point beyond that. But rarely anyone writes an article of more than 2,000. I would like to talk separately about online maps, and more specifically about adding your business there. When searching, even not very advanced resources are opened, ordinary users managed to add them.
So create the right sites and trust professionals.

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