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Useful resources for working with the website

Useful resources for working with the site, I would like to highlight the main ones and tell them in a more accessible language. For those who are starting to master website building and those who are actively managing their resources.

I'll start with images and texts. For free icons and the like, go to flaticon , a large format can be found on  freepik . Compression can be done with a simple drag-and-drop in  tinypng , and resizing can be conveniently done with imageresizer . For those who are too lazy to install and understand the free program xnview .

For those who find it difficult to write essays, you can contact AI and ask them to write something interesting and thematic. Google bard  or gpt chat will come to the rescue . I recommend rewriting and supplementing the work of artificial intelligence. It is also possible to make a picture in Designer . Remember that you need to register for anything like this. Due to the uniqueness of the text, there are a ton of online verification services, useful for those who hire writers on the side ;)

To use the correct titles and descriptions of your site, Google Trend must always be bookmarked  along with search tools . Actively use analytics, my business and other features from Google for promotion. You have something to show on video, YouTube is in your hands.

Social networks, to some extent, can be called a reference mass to a resource, with some differences. Since not everyone gives a direct link. Among the progressing ones we can note Facebook, namely business pages and groups, medium  and reddit are massively unpopular among us  . With the latter you need to be generally careful, they will ban you if you are very active.

In conclusion, I would like to say about the little things. Your site has news feeds, be sure to create a subscription for users. This can be done through an RSS feed. Moreover, news, that is, texts can be translated into podcasts, or audio, and then automatically uploaded to YouTube. 

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