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The usefulness of reposting old articles on the site

The usefulness of reposting old articles on the site. How to do it right? I'll try to tell you about my experience. Once upon a time, I deleted a bunch of posts from several years ago that I thought were poorly written. I did learn from it. Now I have articles from 2016 on my resource, for example, I check in Google search, as you can see everything is relevant. But there are others that I'm not entirely satisfied with, and most importantly, some of the links don't work, because the sites I linked to don't exist anymore. In short, there is a lot of work to be done to review and change, and in some cases delete, links.

Another reason is usefulness for search engines, although there is some debate that this is not so relevant now. Plus, in artificial intelligence, people write and rewrite other people's texts. Although I think that the uniqueness of a person and a robot is different. Someone will miss something, make a mistake, and sometimes on purpose, and Google reacts to this in terms of promotion, which is very good.

My verdict is simple: rewriting and changing articles is very useful, especially those with outdated information. An important point when editing such articles is the ability to specify a different date for the material, i.e. a new one. This is necessary for Google to pay attention! By the way, not every content management system is capable of this.

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