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Site support, what does it mean and how does it work correctly

Site support, what it means and how it works correctly. Let's start with what is responsible for what. The main two things are domain and hosting. The first is your resource name, the second is where the site is stored and works. You paid for a domain name and a place for a website for a year. So after this time you should pay. And a good registrar, hoster will notify you in a month, at least by mail, that you need to send them money again.

Now about the operation of the site, if you have a business card site and you do not change anything there, then there is no service. The work of the resource depends on the quality of the above described services. If you want to change information, add something, change it, and there is work on the site. And then how to agree with those who will do it. I recommend in fact, that is, they checked, everything is correct, they paid. Based on many years of experience, many customers who came to me from other in quotes masters admitted that they paid for air. And they themselves understood this, it is more profitable for them to pay me for training in filling the resource than to systematically pay for incomprehensible false support.

A striking example is when they ask for a certain amount for watermarking images. For example, the system on which this site does this automatically, and even in a free package. Viruses on the site, if you are told this, urgently change the hosting or webmaster. Several times they asked for help with this, it was decided to replace the previously said ones. The resource does not open due to information overflow, cleaning or increasing the space for the site. 

In any case, before creating a site, speak with the master all the subtleties!

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