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Should there be prices on the site?

Should there be prices on the site? Very often there is a dispute with my customers, it is probably wrong to persuade them, because they pay money. But once again I want to tell you the prices, the prices on the sites should be. According to statistics, more than half of users who do not see the price for goods or services leave the resource almost immediately. Including me, it just pisses me off.

Of course, in some cases the cost of services may depend on many factors, but approximate prices can be given. When they start telling me that many resources in our field of activity have no price, be a pioneer and it will help you a lot. Believe, my many years of experience, the minimum price on your price page will give you an increase in visitors, and if you describe everything correctly, even more.

If your site is going to sell goods, be sure to make a price or cost page, it is more likely that it will not quickly run away to competitors. Some sites indicate prices on the services page, on the one hand, everything is clear. But in addition to people, search engines also look at page names, draw a conclusion. Especially since the title and description can be on each page separately.

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