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Several websites for different services or products

Several sites for different services or products. It's no secret that in business on the Internet, the winner is the one with the right approach to promotion. And many small companies create several resources in order to sell more and advertise less.

Let's figure out how to do it correctly so that you can be found well in search results. If you are creating a second or third website, make sure that the contact information, namely phone and email, are different. From personal experience, there was a case when a resource was not indexed at all, after replacing the above, everything fell into place. For mega companies, the solution is simple, they have the concept of a branch, and something similar is present in the Google My Business settings.

They ask me about addresses, my personal opinion is that they should be different. Although it is not essential, an office building can house 100 companies. 

To everything, I want to add that social networks to promote your sites must be done from different accounts. Except in cases like Facebook, in which an individual can create a business page and link a group to it. And there may be several of these!

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