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Photo gallery on the site, but is it needed at all?

Photo gallery on the site, but is it needed at all? Owners of new resources and those who want to add a similar module to the site come to me with this question. Going back in time, I can say that more than 10 years ago I used the photo module to promote this site. Since there was an order of magnitude less of everything back then, by taking the description from Wikipedia and redoing it a little, you could almost immediately get to the top of the search results. 

What to photograph and how to add? Let's start with the fact that any image, if it is present on a search resource, must be well labeled and described. That is, the name of the photo and its description. And the gallery module in normal systems allows you to do just this. 

A striking example is my friends, plumbers from Chicago, for whom I recently created a website. Now they are very surprised that the photo section  is found in Google search no worse than the blog and news. The misconception of many beginners is that the gallery only works when the visitor has visited the resource and wants to look through the photos.

If you have something to show visitors, and most importantly, you can write a short essay for each photo, a photo gallery must be on your website!

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