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Once again about creating a website for the USA

Once, I wrote a article about website promotion in the USA. At the moment, friends, former customers, have left there. And you need several sites for business. But it is clear that there is no type of work permit, as they say, in these six months there is time to fill the resources so that in the future there will be a good start in promotion.

Advertising that is so loved across the ocean also does not always justify itself, more often it's a point on the map, that is, Google my business. For a licensed type of activity, and in the USA, going from house to house, repairing household appliances, in addition to registration with the relevant authorities, it must be fingerprinted by the police. I think it’s easy to guess why, and if you want to put another dot on the map, there is a license number column, that is, you won’t be able to add much. So now not only advertising, but also sites with good content are in demand in America.

How are websites made in the USA and how much does it cost? A simple example, a WordPress site with minimal content wants from $1,000 and all-inclusive from $3,000. Recently, through a friend, I spoke with a representative of a business promotion company from Philadelphia, asked about the site and design. I looked at their site, which they obviously did themselves, a point on the map with one review, smiled and announced the prices for services. At the same time, the company employs 5 people, but this is the USA, so, nothing new.

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