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How to speed up a website in a few simple ways

Well, let's start with the fact that the resource loads the most, the image and animation are right. True, few people already use the latter, with regards to the GIF format, it probably remained on old sites and advertising banners. If they make presentation videos, then more often these are already scripts.

How much should a website page weigh? Let's start with the fact that the average Internet speed in the US is about 40 Mbps (Data for last year). For example, if we take a simple calculator for calculating the download, then a page weighing 2 megabytes at an average speed is loaded in 1 second. You can also calculate the page file size.

Compression of photos and graphics. This is where the convenient TinyPNG website comes to the rescue, the scheme is simple, we upload the original, download the finished one reduced in weight.

Reducing the script load is not an easy question. For example, buttons for adding to social networks and callback are often working on the side of a particular service. And then there is a call from the site to another resource. In this case, I consider it expedient not to save on hosting, but to take the one with a high uptime. Its uptime is implied for a certain point in time. This criterion is one of the most important in the work of hosting.

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