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How to properly fill the site?

"Writing something unique and adding it to the resource is difficult". This is what those who seem to be familiar with computers think, but do not understand what formatting is. The process of text markup in a text editor such as Microsoft Word and HTML (hypertext markup language) has significant differences.

And it is not surprising that after copying the text from Word and pasting it into the visual editor on the site, the page moves in different directions and looks ugly. How to be in this case? It's simple, copy the text into a regular notebook, and then into the site editor. For more advanced users, I recommend using notepad++, its beauty is that after setting the shortcut on the taskbar, you can easily create more than one attachment and save it without thinking. Whose mass has an excellent alternative to sublimetext .

Continuing on formatting, I will say that all beautiful colored letters, large headings and paragraphs fly off, you need to redo all this in the HTML editor. Therefore, do not engage in unnecessary work, for the convenience of users and came up with visual HTML editors.

I also want to say about the images, they are also trying to copy them, it is the image on the website that is the link by which it is shown. Therefore, we upload it to the site, and then extract it from the editor. There is no need to say much about the uniqueness of the text, either you are writing someone else's letter beyond recognition, or you are writing a good essay yourself. Searching for content on foreign resources with subsequent translation is not a bad thing, only they write much less there ;)

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