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How to post information on the site?

How to post information on the site? What do you want to say? Yes, about the fact that sometimes you go to a resource and you can’t normally and quickly find, for example, a phone number.

What should be in the sites now, the first and most important thing is "adaptability". There are also pages that we increase with tweaks in the smartphone, agree that this is wrong. Moreover, it repels potential customers for goods and services. The next thing is site menu, in many modern templates, it moves along with scrolling down, so that it is easy for the user to navigate. The top of the page button is a required attribute of the site, especially when the page is large. Adding an interesting article to social networks because here not everyone knows how to copy the link and paste it. And so I saw a like finger, pressed it, chose a social network, added one, two, three.

It is worth paying attention to instant messengers, as many have them. They arrange it all in different ways, someone just writes the phone number next to an icon. For example, the same telegram does not always allow you to add a person by number, and many do not know that you need to set a username in his profile settings, by default it is not.

The age-old question is whether the site needs a side bar, that is, a right or left column. Many people think that it is not, and in vain, firstly, reading texts for an average person is up to 800-900 pixels wide, more than this size, it's less comfortable, and the convenience of the column on the same page is additional important information from the resource. Although, now many make the main page in the likeness of a landing page, to convey everything you need.

Color and font, here the main thing is to find a middle ground, since too small causes dissatisfaction, large is also in question. It is even better when there is an increase line with an intuitive plus and minus, but not everyone likes it, and many do not know what can be done in the same chrome with a combination of keyboard buttons CTRL + increase, CTRL - decrease and CTRL 0 original size. I forgot to say about the images, they need to be compressed in order not to increase the speed of loading the site, and they should be without bugs or fails.

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