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How to place Google company reviews and more on your website

I once wrote about what needs to be done to place company reviews from Google Maps on the website. That is, my business comes from the service. Times are changing and the elfsight website has stopped working. I started looking for an alternative, I don’t understand why Google developers themselves didn’t implement this for their users. All you can do is insert the map code as a frame. Everything else is for advanced people.

I tried several and settled on , simple registration through a Google account. The free version has 3,000 views and the ability to create five widgets. The choice of the latter is very large, that is, a lot of things can be displayed from your social networks using code on the site. 

The many settings for each widget for display were impressive, minus there is no language, but the reviews themselves are displayed correctly. The principle is very simple, after registration, select Google Reviews from the drop-down list. Enter the name of your company, wait until it catches up, maybe there are similar ones. Afterwards we configure and add the code to the site. 

For a resource with low traffic, 3000 views is more than enough. I recommend that in the settings you immediately reduce the number of displayed ones from 30 to 10. So that the loading speed does not decrease, especially since the widget has a view more button. Which deploys them directly on your resource! 

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