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How to make search work on a website, an alternative to the built-in one

Many young website creators, as they fill them up, are faced with the issue of quality search on their resources. Those that are built into the content management system do not always give the desired result. And therefore, the best alternative is Google’s software search, previously called user search.

Creating your own search is very simple, it is more difficult to install it in the right place for this. Search on the site must be convenient and quick to enter; when a person cannot find it, it is more likely that he will leave the resource. The search method should be in a new tab, Google by default offers an overlay, that is, a pop-up window. Visitors are not always delighted with this, although the mobile version seems to be convenient. And on the computer it is sometimes blocked by third-party applications.

From experience I will say the following: with Google search software, a site is indexed a little better. It is important that the site map and the robots.txt file for your system on which the resource is formed correctly. And the search initially depends on them. Since Google needs to know links that contain text information and images. And he also searches well by looking at pictures.

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