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How to make news get views and get indexed

How to make news get views and get indexed. For those who maintain a news or blog module in their content management system, the topic is very relevant. Which deserves a separate story.

Let's start with the topic of your resource. Many people have now rushed to rewrite and write short stories in the GPT chat and Google Bard. At the same time, you need to understand one small thing: if a clearly and beautifully written text was written by a robot, another will understand that it was also written by a machine. It is human nature to make mistakes, put punctuation marks incorrectly, and add emoticons in every paragraph. 

This is how I personally do it so that my next post ends up almost immediately in the search engine. First and foremost, add a link to and post to all your social networks. A separate addition to Google my business, namely in the company news with a link to the site. A similar action should be done on! As you can see, nothing complicated ;)

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