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How to make Google index your website faster

How can I get Google to index my site faster? This question is probably the most pressing for those who have just created their own resource and want it to be visible in search results as quickly as possible. Let's start with what affects indexing. The two main files are robots.txt and sitemap.xml, the first tells what the search robot can and cannot do, the second is a site map that shows what links are on the site for viewing and indexing by Google.

What actually happens is that the search engine always puts the site in a queue for indexing, since there are a lot of resources and cannot scan everything at once. But Google has a good thing in webmaster tools , URL checking. In simple words, you can take links from your site and add them manually. Moreover, it is recommended to add all sitemap files; some content management systems have several of them.

Of course, links from social networks also do their job for good indexing of your resource. But the pages and groups in them must be old in time and at least somehow maintained. Because in this case they have weight and they, like the site, are indexed by the search engine.

Micro markup must be on the site, and this is now IMHO, that is, it is not discussed!

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