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How to make a website to be visited

How to make a website to be visited? Yes, such a question is probably the first one for a client who needs to create a resource on the Internet. Where to start so as not to be afraid in the future that the pages will not bring visitors.

The first and most important topic, if more often it is a business, then the choice of the site title. As we know, you can write a little more than 100 characters there. It is important for you to be by the name of the company, then we write, if you are young as a company, you can indicate the type of activity. Once again, you can see popular queries in Google Trends.

Next, you need to create a description, that's the description tag. There is certainly a lot of controversy among professionals, but are they needed at all? Since with the correct sitemap and robots file, Google will find everything and give it out. Conservatively, I personally make popular phrases with a total size of up to 300 characters, this is with spaces and commas.

Micro-markup, which additionally helps to extract information from the site to search engines. My principle is that the more the better, it will not do anything bad. I immediately forgot to say about Google my business, this is the tool that is aimed at helping businesses locally. Point on the map of the first page of the issuance, you can’t imagine better. You can immediately add popular social networks to the microformat, as they are directly related to it. And keeping them with cross-posting of text materials from the site contributes to promotion.

Well, in the end, the most important thing is the unique content of the resource, which is invented and written by you personally, similarly with images. By the way, if you translate someone else's article from another language, it will be unique for the search engine)

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