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How to make a landing page cheaper, or who needs it

How to make a landing page cheaper, or who needs it. Everything that is possible and impossible has already been written about one-page sites. There are about 30 well-known platforms for their creation, and probably even more, who are interested in the Internet, there is almost everything on this topic. For those whom this topic is relevant for, it’s right for those who sell one or more things, and then make another one-pager and sell the next product. As for services, this of course also occurs, but in practice it's less common. Let's just say, an online store of a temporary type. Buy cheap, sell fast, this slogan is probably better applied to landing pages.

But back to the beginning, more often the person who creates the page is the seller himself, his knowledge is at best at the level of an advanced user. And therefore, the designer is chosen in a simpler way so that it is easy to do everything, that is the drag-and-drop method. Moreover, such services give free use of the page for a week or two, and then ask for money. Someone manages to sell, someone does not, another question is advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram. Since the system of a one-page site does not allow it to be indexed well, there is no way without promotion.

And here the main question is how to add verification files, codes and other things to the landing page, for example, for advertising on Facebook? Knowing this, the creators of the systems provided, perhaps only in paid versions, even the site icon can sometimes be changed for money. I think it's true if you sell goods, you can find hosting up to $10 per month for hosting.

Now where can you do without money, similar to a one-page site? Yes, you guessed Uсoz. There are templates for landing pages, for balloons I advise you to leave at least one news module, since according to the rules of the system it must be free of charge. Moreover, access to the file manager and page codes, work with fine-tuning the domain, if you do not have one, will be free with an HTTPS connection, that is, secure. But it will not be possible to drag it into the uсoz, as it works in other designers. HTML and CSS knowledge required! And whatever one may say, in a couple of days there will be advertising for free.

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