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Google my business, a look into the future

For some types of activities, creating a website is not a popular thing. For example, a regular store, without online shopping and delivery. What does he need? Of course Google is my business. Almost 90% of the population now has a smartphone.

A person who finds himself in an area unfamiliar to him simply writes a store, and the map leads him to the right place. Moreover, the work schedule is shown on the point of the map, there are photos and reviews. Who advanced managed to add a good description of his store. Now Google gives points on the map for reviews, photos and adding places. And the youth rushed to earn them, they promise some kind of discounts, though, they don’t write which ones.

It is also possible to ask a question to a place, and now to add products. Entries can be added for a long time, in the form of news, promotions, goods. You can put images, links and prices in them. Separately, I would like to say once again about the one-page site that Google also provides for free in this application, namely the domain There are a dozen simple and understandable design themes, the title and description are edited. Additional photos can be uploaded. Google my business in the future will be even cooler, and probably have a full-fledged online store, but already for money. Let's wait and see!

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