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Google is my business, what has not yet been written on the Internet

Google is my business, which is not yet written on the Internet. Probably about almost everything, those who want to find information on how to work with GMB, which is Google My Business that can do it without any problems. And there are videos and good articles. The main desire is to sit down and devote time to this, if you don’t have it, companies have appeared that will do everything for you. From the beginning to confirmation, well, there are various subtleties. To be honest, it’s not difficult, the main thing is to be computer-savvy, and you don’t need abstruse knowledge for this.

Just recently, a well-known company from England published a complete guide to working with Google My Business. I would say so, it is written for people who have a minimal idea of ​​​​what can be done inside.

And once again, I want to repeat myself, because I wrote about this repeatedly! Google My Business is currently deleting inactive accounts. What does it mean? If you have not been active in the application on your phone or computer for a month, they can just take you out. Activity is considered to be adding photos, news, responding to reviews, changing the schedule of your company, and the like.

Keep track of your GMB, don't break the rules, add information for your leads and you'll be fine!

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