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Frequent mistakes made by experts when creating a website

Frequent mistakes made by experts when creating a website. Sometimes I make mistakes myself and remember how I once started. I would like to say about what I encounter even on good resources. Sometimes the content is interesting but little things irritate you.

Let's start with a search, sometimes I go to the site, there is a lot of information and what to do here. Then the search is placed at the bottom, as for me it is not always convenient. And not everyone scrolls to the bottom of the page. The best solution is the top position, or with a scrolling menu, a field with a magnifying glass that is always before your eyes.

Opening links, the question seems to be very simple. But not everyone does this in a new tab; by sharing a page on a social network or going to your social network page, the user is required to stay on the site and open a new tab. But if the link is, for example, at the end of an article with a transition to your other one, then this is not necessary. 

Short and complete news. Sometimes I understand what I don’t understand ;) I get from Google to an article and see that the beginning of it has been lost. I go to the list of articles and it turns out that the master made a short text with a beautiful image in the preview, but when I go to it, the beginning of the text is missing. Not everyone will understand where the article begins, much less will they start looking for its beginning!

Since I already mentioned images, it’s worth mentioning my love for the PNG format. A simple conversion to JPG will reduce it by 1.5 -2 times. And if you resort to software compression, then even more. And at the same time, the quality is almost not lost, and your visitor will be happy with the fast loading. 

The menu is distorted. This is when it’s difficult to get to the right section, but it’s more annoying when it’s not duplicated on a page. That is, for example, I got into the services from the menu, but inside the page there are no links to all the offers. Or there are inactive sections in the menu, which often serve to expand submenus. 

Think about the convenience of other users, with different computers, phones and Internet speeds. 


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