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Do I need a website if I have YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

There is a perception that a company's own website is expensive and unnecessary, because its functionality can be fully provided by social networks. This opinion is not entirely correct, because these platforms are not equivalent. Your own resource has its own functions and advantages for doing business. Why do you need to develop a company website, and you can't get by with just communities on various social networks?

There are several advantages of your own resource, which will have an advantage over groups or pages. That's why you should develop your website and not limit yourself to the capabilities of social networks.

Your own personal territory. Accounts, groups, and pages on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok do not belong to you. They are the property of someone else who looks like you. Any step to the right or left is a ban.

The community can be blocked. If your business is tied only to social media, you may fail. A company that has its own website is not afraid of such troubles because it operates on its own territory. And hosting and domain are only disconnected for non-payment.

If you have unique texts on your website, your visitors will only be potential customers who are interested in your products or services. On social networks, you will have to fight for visitors in the news feed, where there are competitors, news, and other junk that distracts people from the goal.

To stay at the top, you have to create new posts and generate content endlessly. Even if the content of the post is relevant, it is useless because no one will see it. On a website, everything is different, articles and images remain forever, can be modified and updated to increase relevance. In addition, with the help of internal links, you can provide the visitor with almost all materials on the topic. 

If your company's reputation is important to you, your own website is a must. It will show partners and customers that they are facing a reliable company that has entered the market for a long time.

Change everything at will. You can make the resource look the way you want it to. Change the design to make it more modern. The website creates more favorable conditions for customers and work. It gives you the opportunity to change the appearance and internal structure, as well as allows you to analyze traffic and determine the directions of business development.

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