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Different locations, how you can make your website searchable

Different locations, how can you make the site searchable. Now what is this all about? I’ll start with the fact that many people previously did similar things on Google maps, that is, my business. After the company began to destroy false points, that is, those who really are not at the address, everything became different. In simple terms, there are still real stores, offices, pick-up points, post offices and the like. Those who have one place and were able to confirm earlier, here they are for different services. There is no office, but there is a service area. Although, in truth, the map shows the point that is closer to the client, I once had several in Kyiv and it brought good results;)

What about those who have a good website, want to work throughout the city, region and do not know what is needed for this? I’ll show you using the example of an American company that created a resource for plumbing services in the suburbs of Chicago. What we have done is a page of the areas  in which they operate. Further, it contains transitions to each of the service areas, that is, separate pages. How it works ? A potential client enters into Google - a plumber nearby and the name of the area, or something similar. If the headings are correct and the content is unique, the search engine will return the desired result.

All this applies in any country. The main thing is to devote time to this, and in general to work on the site in terms of articles, within which you can also mention the areas in which you worked.

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