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Copying text from another site to your own, or is it worth it

Copying text from another site to your own, or is it worth it? More often they ask who started or wants to fill their resource. The answer is simple, and it's even useful for a young site, but always at the bottom of your copied text there should be a visible link with a button or the inscription link to the source. Many top sites write at the bottom, although now it is less common, when copying the material, a link to us is required. Sometimes authors are protected by a script or plugin that blocks the right mouse button which you can open context menu with and in which there is something to copy. But this can be done without any problems by opening the original site or installing an extension in the browser. Newbies copy the entire text with formatting, which often includes links, thereby pleasing the copyright holders of the original site.

Of course, it is best to write your thoughts from yourself, but let's be honest, not everyone can write essays. Therefore, many people copy and rewrite other people's work, there was even a specialty for such a thing, a rewriter. Well, those who write articles to order, a copywriter. In general, there are entire exchanges in this direction.

How to correctly rewrite a text if you don't have the strength and thoughts to write your own?

There are several ways, the first is to find an article in another language, insert it into the translator and translate it correctly. To be honest, there are not so many such texts, or you need to know where to look. The second method is rewriting the text and checking it on specialized resources, but here you need to be able to think at least a little, since the uniqueness must be at least 80%. And in popular topics, it's not easy.

How to write the most interesting? Just take it and start, at first it won't be very good if you read fiction or listen to similar audiobooks very poorly.

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