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About filling sites with information

Often people who want to create a website don't always know what they will fill it with. Yes, we can talk about a business card site in which there are three to five pages with basic information about the company and that's it.

Of course, the time of static sites has passed, although I'm ready to argue with this because for search engines these are the most convenient sites for finding information in them. On the other hand, only a specialist can remake pages in these sites.

In a dynamic site, filling in information is available to many, since there is no difficulty, click add, type and click save without forgetting about the picture. My customers are often busy people, I have to do such work for them and well, it’s hard to give information.

And what to add to the site when there is nothing to add? The point is that not every business can tell and show a lot, but you need to update the site because it is dynamic.

Invest in website advertising and forget that it needs to be filled? This brings results when, for example, your price of goods or services is less than that of competitors. The most valuable thing for the search is the invented text by you and only you. Not copied, not altered, but your essay about your business on your site!

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