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About errors in the text on the site

About errors in the text on the site. Every person tends to make mistakes, of course criticism is needed, I never take offense at it. It’s just that you always want to say so, to pour everything out of your head, you enter yourself, type quickly, then check, it seems normal. And someone still finds one or a couple of grammatical errors.

How do search engines react to errors in website texts? To be honest, there is no exact opinion about this, my personal opinion is that if there are not many typos, in this case the reaction is normal. If a lot is the opposite, he himself did such experiments.

Should I deliberately make grammatical errors on the site? Not in any way! Yes, in the early days of SEO, this was done successfully. But search robots and algorithms have become smarter and more powerful. Now, by uploading a photo to the search, you can find a similar one. About 10 years ago, this was only a dream.

And the last thing, is it worth it to correct mistakes, of course yes. As well as articles, it is especially useful to rewrite old ones that search engines understand about, but with difficulty!

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