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A user-friendly website is a sign of good traffic

A user-friendly website is a sign of good traffic. How to make it so, a lot has been written about it on the Internet. I'll tell you a little from my experience. Most masters set templates and change them at the request of the client.

What to pay attention to: first of all, the possibility of correct resizing on different devices, that is, adaptability. It is followed by the font and its size, very inconvenient to read small, and printed unpleasant. Building blocks of any frame, site header, footer, body and bars. Although at the expense of the latter, many are already shouting that the right or left column on the resource is not needed at all, they say it's ugly. But many people forget that the human eye does not perceive, especially on large monitors, the entire width. I agree that some sections of the site such as home, about us, contacts, gallery can be done, but news for reading should be within the boundaries for convenience.

The color palette, on some resources, the user is given the opportunity to change it himself at the first login. You can choose a combination of several on your site online, a sea of ​​​​free services. Fixed menu when scrolling the page, very convenient. But if the resource is minimal, I think the up button will be enough.

A block of messengers, in fact, contacts should always be in a prominent place, preferably at the top, or just a phone when you click on which the call will go. The bottom of the page can be used for links to social networks and other useful information. I’ll touch on the sidebar with a separate word, here everyone does as he sees fit.

The use of different icons may be present, but remember that, for example, emoji are displayed in Internet browsers in a slightly different way. Font "Awesome" is my personal favorite.

Of course, these rules are not suitable for all sites, there are exceptions.

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