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2:36 AM
A site for a narrow audience

A site for a narrow audience, what is meant by this word. In simple terms, I say this is a site for a group of people united by one interest in some area.

Yes, you can say why a site if you just make a closed group on a social network. Agree or disagree, why? All the same, any popular social networks have limitations, and for example, a forum of interest has more advanced functionality. And most importantly, it will be much better indexed and located than a social one.

Why find him, you ask? The easiest answer is to attract new contributors to your thread. Moreover, the forum can be both an open branch and a closed one. The differentiation of user rights is also better.

Messengers as a replacement for the forum, you understand that I'm talking about groups. Probably enough for housewives. But their main disadvantage is that if the topic is started, it is sometimes difficult for newcomers to understand.

Forums will live for a very long time, but for serious people with one idea!

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